vineri, 12 octombrie 2012

Autumn Reopening Party, 13 octombrie '12

This Saturday we reopen the studio for our coming together to dance, meditate, explore, inquire, express and celebrate ourselves on this journey we are sharing- the journey of being alive :)

You are all invited to join this next autumn reopening party in the studio on 13th of October. As usual, we will open the evening exploring awareness regarding living and being on this Earth, celebrating the gifts of our planet with a social meditation- Our Sacred Earth Med- a technique involving shaking, dancing and warm up and energize our body soul!
Let's Inspire OurSelf! Inspiring music, inspiring gathering, inspiring place, inspiring vibes, inspiring moments :)

***All are welcome to join this celebration party. This is a different Dance Party: no smoking inside, no alcohol, no shoes- barefoot dancing! There will be moments of music, silence, hugging, high energy, dancing or being silent together, riding the energy wave, sometimes high and sometimes soft, enjoying dancing with others or dancing by yourself. ***
Let's Enjoy coming together to celebrate The Rhythms of Life 

*It's good to bring light, comfortable clothes for the meditation (as we go to dance and shake our body) and change after for the barefoot dancing gathering celebration* 

Contributie participare: 80 lei (55 lei studenti)

Info:, 0724 233 091 (Kashi) 

Here you can see a short moment from 2nd of March,our Spring reopening party- warming up on Our Sacred Earth Meditation music.

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