sâmbătă, 17 iulie 2010

Osho Dynamic Meditation in Bucharest, 8 September - an intense awakening experience@ Studio Experimental

This powerful 1 hour technique takes you (in)to Your Energy, Your Courage, Your Totality, Your Silence, Your Life..."It's not about doing the stop, it's about stopping the doing" :)

If you want to explore Dynamic Meditation in Bucharest, next session will be happening on 8 September. For the ones who want to enjoy intensive awakening mornings starting at 07.00 am :)
Cost: 40 lei/ session

For info contact us at studio_experimental@yahoo.com, 0728 775 498 (Kiran). 

TantraMeditation workshop: Corp~Simturi~Energie, 14-15 Septembrie@Bucuresti

'Again and again the sacred texts tell us that our life's purpose is to understand and develop the power of our spirit, a power t...