vineri, 22 octombrie 2010

Inner & Outer Space and the Breath- Contact Improvisation Intensive with Dorka Farkas, 19-21 Nov@ Studio Experimental

Aloha, dancing friends!

Between 19-21 November we invite you to an intensive Contact Improvisation & Authentic Movement experience with Dorka Farkas
This weekend we will spend some time with exploring our bodies, how the human structure is `designed` and observe it in `action`. We try to sink deep to understand more about body and mind, alone and in partnering. We will use experimental anatomy, Contact Improvisation, possibly yoga and Authentic Movement. We can play later in smaller and bigger groups with focus on vision, our perception of space, using different structures for improvisation.
Breathing is an action that connects me with the outer world, and it connects us all, if we are in the same space. Actually also if we are not :)
We will play with changing our breath, see how it changes our dance, but also with simply letting ourselves breath as we can, forgetting about it, and returning to it with our attention.We won`t stop it anyway...
Take a deep breath and come along!

Dorka Farkas was born in 1976 in Szolnok, Hungary. During her secondary school studies she was member of the Globe Acting Studio where she was teaching movement. Moving to Budapest she takes Instructing Yoga classes at the Buddhist College and she is a member of the alternative theatre group Arvisura. She meets improvisation and contact - improvisation in 2000 on Katalin Balla’s regular classes. Between 2000-2006 she lives in Belgium, raising her child and giving yoga based movement classes. In 2006-2007 she attends a one year educational training in ISLO, Finland and becomes a Creative Dance Instructor. She moves to Transylvania in 2009. Her most influencing teachers include Daisuke Yoshimoto, Katalin Balla, Khosro Abidi, Daniel Lepkoff, Malcolm Manning, Jess Curtis. Her recent interest is how to dance with anybody, any time...

More info & registrations:, 0040 728 775 498 (Kiran)

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