joi, 30 septembrie 2010

Dance as a total meditation@ Studio Experimental

Nataraj is dance as a total meditation. This technique has 3 stages, lasting a total of 65 minutes. Disappearing in the dance, then relaxing into silence and stillness is the route inside for this method.

Dance, giving it all you have got, is an easy and natural way to turn in.

"Let the dance flow in its own way. Don't force it. Rather, follow it: allow it to happen. It is not a doing but a happening. Remain in the mood of festivity. You are not doing something very serious. You're just playing, playing with your life energy, playing with your bioenergy, allowing it to move in its own way. Just like the wind blows and the river flows you are flowing and flowing. Feel it.

When the movement becomes ecstatic then it is a dance. When the movement is so total there is no ego, then it is a dance.

And you should know that dancing came into the world as a technique of meditation. The beginning dancing was not the dance, it was to achieve an ecstasy where the dancer was lost, only the dance remained- no ego, nobody manipulating, the body flowing spontaneously.

There is no need to find any other meditation. Dance itself becomes a meditation if the dancer is lost. The whole point is how to lose oneself. How you do that, or where, is irrelevant. Just lose yourself. A point comes where you are not and still things go on…as if you are possessed.

Dance is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a man. So don’t think about meditation separately. Meditation is needed as something separate for people who don’t have any very deep creative energy; no direction for their energy to get so deeply involved that they can be lost.

But a dancer, a painter, a sculptor need not have any other meditation. All that they need is to make their dimension so deeply penetrating that a point of transcendence comes. And there is nothing like dancing…

[…] Make it a point to simply dance to God. So there is no need to be technical- because He is not an examiner. You will simply dance as a small child… as a prayer. Then dance will have a totally different quality to it. You will feel for the first time that you are taking steps that you have never taken before; that you are moving in dimensions which have never been known to you. Unfamiliar and unknown ground will be traversed.
By and by, as you will become more and more in tune with the unknown, all techniques will disappear. And without techniques, when dance is pure and simple, it is perfect.
Dance as if you are deep in love with the universe, as if you are dancing with your lover. Let God be your lover.”- Osho, The Orange Book

If you want to experience dance as a meditation, join us in Studio Experimental.
Info:, 0728 775 498 (Kiran)

Here is a short demo of 1st stage of this dance meditation. Enjoy it!

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