sâmbătă, 26 iunie 2010

"Sway with the moon, look at the moon, feel full with the moon"- Osho on full moon :)

"The full-moon night has a very alchemical impact on the human consciousness. Buddha became enlightened on the full-moon night – not only that, he was born on the same full moon night, he became enlightened on the same full-moon night, he died on the same full moon.
His birthday, his death day, his enlightenment day, all fall on one day – the full-moon night… the same month, the same night. The full moon has tremendous importance, so just do one thing: you can remain available, that’s all. If it happens, good; if it doesn’t happen don’t feel worried about it.

Each full-moon night start waiting. It will be coming more and more and it will be staying more and more. And when it comes, don’t try to control it. Don’t try to be in that state a little longer; don’t bring desire in, because those are all disturbances and they poison the whole thing.
It is a door of the beyond. Just start waiting for it… waiting but with tremendous patience, with no hurry. Don’t try to drag it. It is beyond human control but one can manage to invite it in a very indirect way. Take a bath, sing a song, sit silently in the night – wait for it.  

Sway with the moon, look at the moon, feel full with the moon… feel the moon showering on you, dance a little, sit again, wait. Let the full-moon night become your particular night for meditation – it will be helpful.”

Source: “What Is, Is, What Ain’t, Ain’t”, by OSHO

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