miercuri, 26 mai 2010

Moments from Rainbow Spirit Festival, Baden Baden

It's been such a joy to be there with old and new friends, to sing, to dance, to cry, to laugh and to be silent and amazed by how this gathering can enrich and nourish us in a tender, soft way...as if we took a shower of love ;)

"LOVE- LIFE- LAUGHTER- NOW!"..."time to celebrate life and the moment!". That's what it is about :)

Shaman's Heart~ TranceDance Meditation Journeys with Kiran & Jivan: 11 Dec@ Berlin, 14 Dec@ Stuttgart, 21 Dec@ Bucharest

„Trance Dancing fills you with PASSION, ENERGY and the ECSTASY OF LIFE. We call our 'soul parts' home to our bodies, where they ...