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Tantric Transformation: Body, Senses, Energy, 29.11- 4.12@ Romania

 "Tantric experience is possible only if you move deep into MEDITATION, otherwise not. When you become very very still, silent, aware, alert, then only is it possible that you will know something of TANTRA. Otherwise, tantra can also become an excuse for indulgence. And you can move into indulgence behind the name of tantra. Names won't make much change, your being needs change.' - Osho 

Dear life explorers,

We invite you on a more intimate journey. An inner and outer journey where the magic of tantra and meditation can be deeply explored, lived and enjoyed.

A journey where the magic of Tantra and Nature merge together. Tantra and Nature are the expression of the natural spontaneous way of life.

Being far from the usual surroundings is an invitation to take a distance from what is 'known' - home, friends, colleagues, job, day to day routines - and tap into unknown, fully embracing the mystery of life.

The wild nature is an invitation to both return to ourselves and (from there) expand into the existence. We will have a welcoming big villa only for us. Being a residential group we have the possibility to deeply look inside, to go wider in our intimacy - we go to live 24 h/ 24 h together - experimenting different tantra exercises and meditations, sharing, mirroring ourselves in each other, supporting each other to get closer to our energy and inner truth. We will have all the conditions to immerse in our individual exploration through different experiential tantra techniques practiced alone, with a partner or with the whole group.

Like an old good friend the nature will support us to reconnect with our own wild natural energy beyond the roles or protection we often build up. Together we will tap into the wonder and miracle of being alive, (re)awakening our senses, joy and innocence which support in exploring and living the vast life mysteries.
Opening your senses, barefoot you will embrace the wind, the mountains, yourselves and others like a lover embraces the beloved, delighting into the present moment. Consciously breathing you will open the possibility to expand your horizon, your life energy, your sensuality, opening your heart to yourselves, to others, to existence, to a more natural and abundant life.

In tantra, the body is the most direct path to profound transformation and evolution. The body is the fundamental arena of the meditation practice.
In this retreat you will experiment tantra, breathing and meditation techniques that open and (re)awaken your body, sensuality, feelings and energy.

We will explore together techniques of being in the HERE NOW, connected to ourselves, our body and energy, exploring our senses, emotions and inner silence. In a soft, safe and playful way, opening to and expanding into the present moment mystery.

The techniques and tools that will be explored:
- Active and passive meditations
- Tantra exercises, meditations and rituals
- Breath & Touch awareness
- Presence & grounding practices
- Connection & sensitivity exercises
- Holistic bodywork
- Fire ritual, mantra singing
- Conscious transformational breathing techniques
- Tantric Trance Dance Ritual
- Creativity moments
- Meditations in nature
- Sharing circles

Retreat facilitators: 
Kiran (Romania) & Jivan (Portugal) live tantra and meditation as a way of getting more grounded, real, present, aware, diving deeper into the infinite mystery of life. They are passionate about living consciously, bringing qualities like awareness, integrity, joy and well being in day to day life.
From 2004 they have been exploring and deepening together the tantra path, active meditations, body oriented experiential therapy (breathwork, bioenergetics, emotional release), shamanic rituals.
Based on their own path, life experience, trainings and values, Kiran & Jivan are leading personal growth workshops on living consciously, inviting and inspiring participants to bring qualities like awareness, gratitude, love and presence in day to day life, rediscovering and honoring their being, their uniqueness, their soul, their path in life.

Retreat placePlaiul Foii ~ Piatra Craiului

Your investment:

EARLY BIRD till September 25th:
3000 lei in double room ~ 600 Eur 
3300 lei in single room ~ 660 Eur 

After September 25th:  
3250 lei in double room ~ 650 eur
3550 lei in single room ~  710 eur

The price includes: 5 nights accommodation with 3 vegetarian meals/ day, delicious tea breaks (2/ day), participation to all the retreat program, materials used during the retreat

Bookings: Kiran.Jivan.Info@gmail.com
*Places limited to 24 participants.
*Registrations close when all places are booked. 

Let's Delight together into a new SelfRevelations adventure!

Tantric Transformation: Body, Senses, Energy, 29.11- 4.12@ Romania

  "Tantric experience is possible only if you move deep into MEDITATION, otherwise not. When you become very very still, silent, aware,...